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501(c)3 Insurance
Specialty 501(c)3 Non-Profit Insurance

501(c)3 Organizations have many insurance needs, and because of budget constraints we understand you need all of those needs met without a large expense. Lionstone can provide that service efficiently. We work to provide you options for covering not only your premises liability and property needs, but also for the liability for decisions your board makes. Additionally we provide options to include the fundraising events you may have throughout the year. These can be added to the businessowners policy, or provided on a separate policy.

Specialty Non-Profit Insurance Overview

Product Options:
  • Directors and Officers Liability with Employment Practices coverage
  • Business Owners Policy(BOP)
  • Special Events
  • Liquor Liability
Businessowners(BOP) Package Features:
  • $500 Minimum Premium for General Liability and Property combined
  • No General Liability Deductible
  • General Liability coverage included for Volunteers
  • Hired & Non-Owned Auto coverage available in most states
  • Property is on Special form with Replacement Cost coverage
  • $5,000 of Business Personal Property coverage included
  • Equipment Breakdown coverage available
  • Customize your policy by adding Employee Dishonesty, Money & Securities, and other coverage options
Directors and Officers with Employment Practices Liability Features:
  • Separate Limits of Liability for Directors & Officers and Employment Practices Liability claims
  • Unlimited Defense Costs outside the limit
  • Outside Directorship Liability coverage
  • Coverage for both Monetary and Non-Monetary Claims
  • Full Prior Acts coverage
  • Lifetime Occurrence Reporting Provision for former Directors and Officers
  • Free Human Resources Hotline with unlimited number of calls and no time limits (when Employment Practices Liability is purchased)
  • No Intentional Acts Exclusion on Employment Practices Liability
Special Events Features:
  • BOP Policy includes three events with up to 100 attendees at no additional charge
  • Ability to include Liquor Liability in most states
  • Ability to consider events of any size(larger events may need to be written on separate policy)

Specialty Non Profit Insurance Claims Examples

Businessowners(BOP) Claims Examples:
  • A chamber of commerce was holding their monthly membership meeting at a local hall. One of the attendees tripped on an extension cord the chamber was using for a presentation and broke his leg. He then filed a suit against the chamber to cover his medical expenses for his slip and fall.
  • A few vandals threw rocks and broke the door and window glass to a local chamber of commerce as well as other buildings in the area. The chamber was forced to purchase wood to board up the open spaces and later replace the broken glass.
Directors and Officers Claims Examples:
  • The trustees of a trade association decided to expand their activities into areas that were not explicitly envisioned by the founders. Their stateís attorney general brought an action against them alleging misuse of funds and property for operating outside their charter, even though no third party had raised a complaint.
  • A donor made a large contribution to a foundation to aid students in need of tuition. The board instead voted to expand their headquarters and commit a portion of the donation to the building fund. The donor filed suit, alleging misappropriation of funds. Damages included return of the full contribution plus interest. As some of the money was already spent, the foundation was financially unable to return the entire donation.
  • A local chamber of commerce published a quarterly newsletter. The newsletter included a tourism section that promoted places of interest, attractions, restaurants, etc. A new restaurant had recently approached the chamber with a request to advertise in the upcoming issue. The chamber agreed and accepted a minimal advertising fee from the restaurant. Upon release of the next issue, it was discovered that the Executive Director never expedited the restaurant request and actually kept the money. The restaurant in turn sued the chamber for breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract and interference with economic interests.
Employment Practices liabilty Claims Examples:
  • A chamber of commerce advertised an open position for a secretary. The organization received seven applications. Only one applicant was a male, who was 57. He was not interviewed. He alleged he was not interviewed because of his age and filed suit against the organization for age discrimination.
Professional liabilty Claims Examples:
  • The insured is a Family and Crisis Counseling operation. A family was directed by the court to seek family counseling at this facility. There was an abusive father in the family. The mother was trying to get a restraining order regarding child visitation rights for the father as a result of past mistreatment. The counselor at the facility was asked to made a recommendation. The counselor disagreed with the motherís opinion and recommended to the court that the father be allowed to continue unsupervised visitation. The father physically abused one of the children causing bodily injury. The mother sued the facility based on counselorís recommendation.
Abuse & Molestation Claims Examples:
  • A 14-year-old girl went to a counseling agency and did not like her counselor. To avoid future visits, the girl stated the counselor improperly touched her The parents sued the facility.
Special Events Claims Examples:
  • A guest at a beer garden event sponsored by the chamber of commerce was struck on the head with a beer can thrown by a bartender. The guest filed a claim due to bodily injury.
  • A tent at a designated fundraiser was not anchored properly. The tent blew over and damaged multiple parked cars. The car owner sued for repairs.

Specialty Non-profit Package Insurance Compare:

Our ALL-IN-ONE specialty package includes: Directors and Officers Liability/Employment Practices Liability coverage with General Liability and Property coverage including optional Special Events and Liquor Liability. Additionally, we offer Counseling/Referral Agencies Professional Liability and Abuse & Molestation Coverage.

Why do you need to purchase a speciality non-profit package policy?
  • Non Profits are sued by their employees, committee members, volunteers, and clients
  • Over 90% of claims against non-profit organizations are Employment Practices related
  • Nearly 85% of non-profits have an annual budget that is less than the average cost to defend a claim closed by litigation
  • All organizations need General Liability coverage against Bodily Injury and Property Damage claims. Counseling/Referral Centers have the additional Professional and Abuse and Molestation exposure
  • Nearly all non-profits have either a building or a business personal property exposure
  • Many non-profit organizations host special events off-site
Why should you choose our Specialty non-profit insurance Package:

Maximize efficiency: One Application, One Quote, One Underwriter, One Policy, One Renewal, One Carrier for all claims, with one concurrent effective date.

Coverage Features checklist:

The following are important coverages to have in your policy. Check to make sure you have all of these features:

Coverage Features

Our Policy Competitors' Policy
 Separate limits of Liability for D&O, EPL and GL claims ?
 Defense Outside the Limit of Liability on all claims ?
 Third Party Sexual Harassment and Third Party Discrimination coverage ?
 Lifetime Occurence Reporting Provision ?
 Optional Special Events/Liquor Liability Coverage available ?
 Mental Anguish and Emotional Distress included in the General Liability definition of Bodily Injury ?
 Automatic coverage for volunteers ?
 Flexibility of purchasing the D&O and BOP separately ?

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