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Special Event Insurance

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Special Event Insurance
Special Event Insurance

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Lionstone offers Special Event policies designed to cover General Liability, Property, Bad Weather, Liquor Liability, muscial instruments and Event Cancellation! Policies start as low as $65 for an event.

Great Coverage for large and small events such as:
  • Animal Shows
  • Anniversary Party
  • Antique Show
  • Arts Festival
  • Auction
  • Award Presentations
  • Bar Mitzvah
  • Baby Shower
  • Banquets
  • Basketball
  • Beer tents/gardens
  • Boxing
  • Car Shows
  • Chamber Of Commerce
  • College Sporting Events
  • Conventions/Trade shows
  • Concerts
  • Dances
  • Festivals
  • Fashion Shows
  • Fund Raisers
  • Movie Shoots
  • Golf Outings
  • Marathons
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Motor Vehicle Events
  • Parties
  • Parades
  • Political Rally
  • Social Events
  • Sporting Events
  • Weddings
  • Youth Sports Day Camps
  • And Many other event types

Special Events Insurance Overview

Product Coverages and Features Include:
  • Designed to cover General Liability, Property, Bad Weather, Liquor Liability, muscial instruments and Event Cancellation!
  • Host Liquor Liability available in most states when purchased with the General Liability- Host Products provide separate limits for Host Liquor Liability and General Liability exposures
  • Automatic coverage for volunteers, temporary or leased workers, and committee members
  • Food and beverage products liability provided
  • Medical payments coverage provided
  • Damage to rented premises provided
  • Personal & Advertising Injury provided
  • Property owner may be included as additional insured at no charge
  • Low minimum premium
Reasons why coverage is important: Individuals:
  • Protect your Homeowner�s Policy-- Don�t take the chance of reducing your limits due to a Special Event claim
  • Homeowner�s Policy may not provide high limits required by the facility or sponsor, and/or may not add an additional insured to the policy
  • Homeowner�s Policy may cap their host liquor liability limit at $300,000
  • Personal Umbrella Policy may contain a liquor liability exclusion
  • Facility or sponsor is requiring a certificate of insurance
  • Facility or sponsor wants to be added as an additional insured
  • Protect the assets of your Directors and Officers

Special Events Insurance Claims Examples

General LiabilityClaims Examples:
  • Claimant attended a golf tournament and tripped over a sprinkler head. Claimant suffered a fractured kneecap, and needed reconstructive surgery. Medical bills totaled $40,000.
  • Insured was holding a basketball tournament at a YMCA. During the game the gymnasium floor was damaged. Property owner sued for the property damages totaling $35,200.
  • Insured held a theater performance at a local high school auditorium. Fake blood was used for a special effect, and damaged the curtains in the facility. The property owner sued the insured for the damage to the curtains totaling $12,500.
Liquor Liability Claims Examples:
  • A minor was served alcohol at a brew festival sponsored by the insured. After leaving the festival, the minor got into his car, lost control of his vehicle and struck a telephone pole. Claimant suffered severe facial lacerations and sued the event sponsor and beer vendor for illegal service to a minor. Medical bills totaled $150,000.
Host Liquor liability Claims Examples:
  • An attendee was drinking heavily at a holiday party hosted by the insured. While driving home, the attendee lost control of her vehicle and hit a tractor-trailer head on. The driver of the truck suffered severe injuries. The driver brought suit against the host of the party for negligence in serving the intoxicated guest. The driver�s injuries total $300,000.

Special Events Insurance Product:

Our special Event Product is designed to cover General Liability, Liquor Liability or both!

Depending on the laws in your state, you may be held liable for the actions of intoxicated or underage persons you served at you special event.
  • The negligent service to an intoxicated or underage person can produce substantial verdict or settlements
  • Underage drinkers make up a significant portion of alcohol-related traffic crashes
  • You may be held liable for the actions of those selling/serving alcohol at your event
  • Even if you are not found liable, it may cost thousands of dollars to defend a claim
  • You could be held liable for damaging the facility where your event takes place
  • An attendee at your event could become sick from spoiled food. You could be liable for the medical payments
Why should you choose our special event insurance coverage: Coverage Features checklist:

The following are important coverages to have in your policy. Check to make sure you have all of these features:

Coverage Features

Our Policy Competitors' Policy
 Defense Costs are outside policy limits ?
 Food and beverage product liability included ?
 Temporary workers and volunteers are covered as an insured ?
 No Deductible ?
 Convenience of one policy for Liquor and General Liability available ?
 Coverage for Damage to Rented Premises ?
 Venue may be added as additional insured at no additional charge ?

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